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Welcome all New or Returning Customers! We hope you are all enjoying fun-filled rounds of golf and improving your game. We are currently redeveloping our website and product offerings for your benefit. Founded in 2002, Frog Golf has enjoyed great experiences with each and every customer. We thank you for your business and hope to continue meeting your equipment needs in the near future.

What We Offer

At Frog Golf, we'd love to see everyone get each on the golf course this year in style and confidence, ready to lower their scores. We offer great golf values for your hard earned money. We meet the needs of various budgets and tastes by providing products from a spectrum of value and technology.

We offer full sets for beginning players, all the way up to top-of-the-line drivers, putters, irons, and wedges for the advanced golfer.

As we receive email requests, we understand how hard it can be to find reputable and affordable ladies sets, left handed clubs, and sets of various lengths for tall and petite golfers.

Each new product made by our trusted manufacturers is backed by a defect-proof 1 year warranty. Occasionally we offer used products with expert condition ratings, honest condition statements, actual photos when available, and backed by a satisfaction guarantee. We aim to capture the needs of each individual by offering a variety of stock, demo, and custom order products, and we hope to fulfill your requests in some way.



thumper300zx - Our Original and Longest Standing eBAY User

froggolf - Our Original and Longest Standing eBAY User

Customer Service

Along with top notch products comes efficient and friendly service. Our hope is that customers needing attention will feel comfortable approaching us through email or phone in order for use to resolve concerns, provide tracking, help process warranty claims, etc. Though we can get busy, we want to answer each customer inquiries in a helpful and conclusive way. If you are having trouble deciding what clubs you want, drop a line and we'll try to provide you with good information to make an educated decision. If you've ever purchased something only to find there was some sort of defect in manufacturing, you know the sour feeling that can leave in your head. We've been through it, too - and we don't want you to suffer. Give us a call or email and we'll get you squared away promptly. If there is any delay in response, confirmation of shipments, or order processing, don't hesitate to send another inquiry as some inquiries do get lost in the mass hoard of emails we receive. We are human and don't claim perfection, but our intentions are fair and honest. We see problems through, guaranteed.

At Frog Golf, we don't like "policy". Our intention is to serve you. We see policy as the best way to drive you away from us forever : ) We hope our communications reflect your freedom as a customer, and our care and patience as a service provider.

Tutorials and Advice

Feel free to email FrogGolf to ask for any golfing tips and we will try to assist you - we will do our best to answer. Although our view of golf is relatively simplistic, we find that 90% or more of the problems encountered in golf can be solved with a basic understanding of how the ball flies off your club. Solving those problems doesn't require a 1,000 frame per second video, rather a quick remembrance of some basic concepts in golf geometry.

Please visit Frog Golf periodically to watch our website grow. We will offer tips from PGA Professionals, our own staff, and some technical information we have come across in our ongoing search for equipment technology.


Frog Golf wants to become the #1 place you go to for your golfing needs. We hope your experience with us will encourage you to refer our products and service to your family, friends, and your golfing partners. As we develop a more extensive system, we hope to implement a way to reward you for any referrals and to accept trade-ins as you continue to test out new and exciting golf equipment. We always try to throw in something to your order to make the deal a little sweeter, be it a few balls or a nice hat. Developing friendships with each of our customers is a rewarding benefit to being part of the golf industry. Have fun golfing!

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